Individual and Team Coaching

Improve Relationships, Performances, and Behaviors

The Learning Group recognizes moments-of-truth when individual coaching, and team Coaching, can make all the difference:

Develop Valuable Contributors

Young male and female business people working with a business consultant/coach.

Build Remarkable Teams

Change Management for Technology Upgrades

Build Engagement and Support

The Learning Group recognizes that a successful technology implementation project involves change management for the people who will be impacted.

Group of male and female business leaders and team members meeting to discuss technology upgrades

Involve Leaders and Team Members

Increase Business Value

Results Delivered for Clients

Job Role Clarity Enables Open Positions to be Filled 17% Faster
Worked with leaders and their teams to resolve confusion about job roles and boundaries amidst a tight labor market, job abandonments, and the need for continuity of production across shifts, and partnerships.
Clarity on Strategy Improved On-time Shipping by 46%
When the company launched a new product strategy resulting in 68% more raw materials, helped leaders to develop streamlined warehousing and pick & pack processes.
Culture Changes Lead to 12% Reduction in Absenteeism
Coached leaders into creating a high-performance culture with heavy emphasis on cross-training.
Revised Scope of Work and Use Cases Saves 23 Hours of Employee Time and Labor Cost
Worked with the client's project sponsor, the software account director, and the software integrator to reevaluate the use cases. Discovered critical missing requirements. Updated the use cases and the scope of' work for the project. This reduced confusion and training time for employees to learn the new software.